Stewart Systems - how it works

Stewart Systems ® is a complete "water-born" system to cover and paint, and is processed in a different manner than conventional systems. Ask Vliegwerk Holland for a demo and/or samples. We will assist you during the whole process.



Easy to use.

No smell at all.

Glue - fit - fix. Take your time to get the fabric in the right position. Fabric is still movable after first layer of glue. When found satisfactory, it will be glued in place with the second final layer. All without irritating fumes! After a few minutes drying, you can start shrinking the fabric. A big advantage in contrast with conventional systems.

When ordering the Stewart System products, a detailed handbook with step for step descriptions will be supllied. A DVD with instructions can be ordered at Vliegwerk Holland BV.



The Stewart Systems paint system can be used on all kind of surfaces like wood, metal, fabric etc. Because it's a total different paint, it's a different way to process. Vliegwerk Holland provides demonstrations to learn how to use Stewart Systems.