Installation of an auto fuel STC is an uncomplicated procedure for most aircraft with a gravity feed fuel system (no fuel pumps). No major modifications are needed. We provide you with the paperwork and placards required by the FAA/EASA to make it all legal. A certified mechanic must "install" the STC by adding the new fuel placards and an engine placard and updating the aircraft administration.

In some Piper airframes equipped with suction lift fuel systems (pump fed systems), different electric fuel pumps may need to be installed to insure adequate fuel flow, and/or the fuel pump locations must be moved. The STC for the PA-28-160, -161, -180, -181 requires the removal of the factory installed electric pump. This pump is replaced with two completely different pumps and a revised fuel system forward of the firewall. We have a complete STC kit available. Installation of these kit takes about 1,5 day. Please ask Vliegwerk Holland for more information and prices. Click here for more info on the Piper PA-28, -160 thru -181.

Be advised that Petersen Aviation, Inc. conducted several hot fuel flight tests of airplanes equipped with Bendix fuel injection.  In ALL of these tests, the result was the same.  Aircraft equipped with Bendix fuel injection systems failed the testing for vapor lock.  That is why aircraft equipped with Bendix fuel injection were never approved by Petersen for the use of automotive gasoline.
Given the consistent failures of Bendix fuel injection during our testing, our airframe STC’s must not be used to provide airframe approval for autogas when an engine with Bendix fuel injection is installed.  We recommend against it, and do not support in any way the use of our STC’s in conjunction with Bendix fuel injection.