Stewart Systems

What is the Stewart System?

It’s a complete system for fabriccovering, applying dopes and painting your aircraft. For covering, the normal fabrics like Ceconite, Polyfiber, Superflight etc. are used. But for glue and paint, new revolutionary materials are developed, which are no longer hazardous for the environment and your health and therefore very friendly to work with. No more irritating smelths or corrosive chemicals! This makes it also very interesting for homebuilders. Looking to the future, when harmful chemicals are forbidden more and more, this system is a perfect replacement. Stewart Systems is also compatible with current systems, which make repairs very easy. It is FAA STC approved, and also in some EU memberstates are approvals available.


What's the Secret?

The breakthrough was the discovery of how to use water as a carrier for the solids in the coatings. Up to now, the only carriers for the resins and other solids in aircraft paints have been the old-time, high risky and hazardous solvents, with their offensive odors and the health hazards. The new, breakthrough coatings are not "water-based"- they're waterborne. Water is added only as a carrier, to reduce the viscosity of the solids to allow the coatings to be sprayed. When dry, it is impossible to distinguish between the Stewart Systems coatings and the other two or three top solvent-based paints.

Contact Vliegwerk Holland and let you inform about the possibilities for your aircraft. Demo's and samples available upon request.


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