Diesel technology

Vliegwerk Holland BV is an authorised distributor and service center for Continental Diesel engines (former Centurion engines). Continental Diesel is the leading brand for certified kerosene piston aircraft engines in general aviation: the longest experience, most engines in operation, best tracked liability, most diesel flight hours and the largest service network for diesel aircraft engines.

The Continental Diesel engines are certified according to the requirements of FAA and EASA and additional further 60 countries. They are technically advanced diesel engines which can operate on auto-diesel (DIN 590) and especially with the standard aviation fuel kerosene (Jet Fuel, Jet-A). Centurion engines can be used both as a retrofit and for factory new aircraft and offer the following benefits:
  • Reliability and safety thanks to the redundant FADEC system (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) without mechanical back-up
  • Significant lower operating cost because of lower consumption and lower fuel prices for kerosene in many countries
  • Also low consumption leads to longer range
  • Comfortable operation
  • Electronic event log
  • The green engine: no carbon monoxide poisoning possible, no lead emission, comparable lower nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emission
Certified installations are available for the most common aircraft like Cessna 172, Piper PA28, Robin DR400, Diamond DA40 TDI as well as DA42 Twin Star. Continental pilots have a global network of more than 300 authorized service centers at their disposal.

Altogether, about 4750 engines powering more than 3000 aircraft operated in General Aviation have to date successfully completed more than 5 million flight hours.

The Diesel engine has also reported excellent figures regarding the reliability and safety of its engines as a result of continued product improvement over the years. Over the last 52 weeks the CD-135 only had 1.74 in-flight shut downs per 100,000 flight hours which is far beyond industry standard of 10 per 100.000 flight hours.

For more detailed information, check also the Continental Diesel website.