Convert to diesel

Impressed by the advantages of diesel power? Vliegwerk Holland can help you changing your engine. Conversions for the Piper Warrior and Cessna 172 are available. Contact us for prices and conditions and let us calculate your benefits when you change to a diesel, based on the usage of your aircraft. With a consumption of about 21L/hr Jet-fuel or Diesel against 31L/hr of avgas for a Lycoming O-320 engine, your direct savings per flight hour are clear. With current fuel prices is that a around 42,- (EUR) fuel costs, in stead of 82,- (EUR). Yes, that means the half of your normal fuel costs! And if you operate the CD-155 on Diesel fuel, even more savings possible...

If you are doubting about your cost-increasing Cessna 172 or Piper PA-28, and thinking about switching to another aircraft. Consider to convert to diesel power, and fly up to date and economical with your own aircraft. Or looking for a new aircraft? We can change a cheap, old and out-phased Cessna 172 or PA-28 into a valuable and great machine. For example: an old Cessna 172 can be converted into a CD-155 diesel powered version, complete with fresh paint and inspection with total prices from 100.000,- (EUR).

Please check also our ONE-STOP-SHOP concept for more options to update your aircraft to an up to date and well performing machine, completely carried out according your wishes and requirements.


For more detailed information, go to:

Continental Diesel website





Click on the picture below for an impression of a conversion performed by Vliegwerk Holland on a Cessna 172