How to order

When you want to order an autofuel approval, we need the following information:
  1. Name and address of the registered owner
  2. Engine type and serial number
  3. Airframe type and serial number
    (in case of PA-28: 12V or 24V, and manual or electric primed)
  4. Aircraft registration
  5. Fuel tester yes/no

Ordering can be done via the autofuel contact/order form, or sending an e-mail with the requested information. Please read also information below. All prices are excl. VAT. Please send your VAT number and company name to verify, if applicable. Only pre-payment according invoice available. Invoice will be send via e-mail to you after we received a confirmation of your order. It usually takes 3-4 weeks after payment to deliver paperwork. Delivery of pumpkits for the PA-28 may take upto 5 weeks.


A note regarding Lycoming Engines - There are STC's available for increasing 150hp O-320's to 160hp. Not all of them provide a new data plate when the engine is overhauled and the compression and power increased. Therefore it is possible for a 160hp O-320 engine to have a model number indicating 150hp. When ordering a 150hp O-320 STC make certain, by thoroughly examining the engine logbooks, that the horsepower is indeed 150 and not 160. The 160hp O-320 auto fuel STC requires 91 octane minimum. One other note here, the Lycoming O-320-H2AD engine has not been detonation tested and is therefore not approved. Our recommendation for anyone owning one of these engines, is to run it out and then replace it with any of the other 160hp O-320 engines. We will then be able to provide an auto fuel STC.
Also for Cessna conversions to 180hp are some limitations. Only the installation with the standard gravity feed fuel system, i.e. without electrical fuel pumps, are approved.

When doubting, please contact us and we will look for the possibilities you have.