Approvals & modifications

Due to our experience with modifications on aircraft, we have a large collection of EASA approvals for all kind of modifications in the general aviation.

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Latest EASA approvals:

Improve your safety! Emergency door release system for Cessna 172 series. Based on the same system as used in the Cessna Aerobat.

Emergency door release installed in a Cessna 172, used for aerial applications above see.


Vertical camera hole. Very easy to install. Vertical photography possible thru one of the existing inspection holes in the cabinfloor, between the front and back seats. Easy and safe vertical photography is then possible from the back seat. An extra inspection hole must be made in the fuselage skin, between station 44.00 and 56.70. Approved for Cessna 172 series


Installation of large removable aft side windows for Cessna 172 series. Dimensions aprox. 25 x 50 cm. Easy to install, easy to operate. Perfect for aerial applications.